Elder Class of 1983

Elder Class of 1983 Twenty Year Reunion

September 27, 2003 - Elder's Class of 1983 celebrated our 20 year high school reunion with a golf outing at the Links at Grand Victoria. Thanks for Dave Humphrey and Rick Warman for organizing the event. If you have any pictures, please e-mail them to mike@welch.net.

    From Dave Humphrey:

    First of all thank you to Rick Warman, the architect of all the reunion events. Rick, terrific job and thanks for asking and allowing me to help out. Second, thanks to all who attended any or all of the reunion events. I think it's safe to say that the whole weekend was a success from a standpoint of good turnout, camaraderie, fun, catching up with each other and supporting Elder High School. You guys rock!!

    I also wanted to tell everyone that we have purchased a brick at Elder inscribed as follows: The Class of 1983 20 Year Reunion. And we expect to exceed our special reunion donation to Elder of $2500. I have heard several people make reference that it would be nice to get together more often than every 5 years. I agree. Please let me know if you would be interested in some kind of annual event and or monthly lunch or something else. Please email me if interested and with any ideas (dave@ja-g.com).

    Finally, a recap of the weekend as best I can manage in a top 10 list format:

    The 10 things I learned at the reunion -

      10 There are some guys who still do not look familiar!
      9 Tom Thompson hasn't changed a bit!
      8 See Ken Honroth for gambling tips!
      7 I can't drink as much now as I could 20 years ago!
      6 The Victory boys could've taken the Dominic boys!
      5 Is Hunter Gibbs still in Mr. Otten's office?
      4 Joe Bailey and Mike Feldman both have 5 kids!
      3 They've never heard of CNN (or Bill Hemmer) in Rising Sun, Indiana!
      2 Dale Lutz definitely did not want to be a priest!
      1 Paul Murray scares me!!

    Thanks again for your participation - Take care. Dave