These digital photos are actually several photos merged together using software. The photos are best taken with a tripod, but it not necessary. The camera is rotated slightly between photos. After the photos are transferred to the computer, the images are stitched together. The software I use is LivePicture's Photovista.

Bryce Canyon
August 1, 2009 - This panoramic taken at Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah shows the area known as the amphitheater. Mary Beth and I were the first people at the point well before sunrise. Southern Utah
August 1, 2009 - On our way to Zion National Park from Las Vegas, we stopped by the side of the road in Southern Utah.

Western Bowl Pano
December 12, 2006 - This panoramic of the Western Bowl in Cincinnati was taken during the 2006 Holiday Classic. This is a high school bowling tournament featuring teams from several states.

St. Dominic 8th Grade - 2007
November 10, 2006 - This is the 2007 Class of St. Dominic School. They spent a few days at Camp Kern.

Island Way Balcony
July 28, 2006 - This panoramic was taken from the balcony of Island Way Condos. There is a high-rise that is being built next store, so this view will be lost.

Grand Teton Beaver Pond
July 28, 2005 - This panoramic of the Grand Tetons was taken very early in the morning at Schabacher's Landing. Kaitlin was the only one willing to get up with dad at 5:15 AM.

Reds Game 2004
June 6, 2004 - Katiebud Drive's annual visit to the Reds Game. Thanks to Don Bisher for organizing another fun event. See more...

Red Rock Canyon

February 29, 2004 - Mike and 'Bubbles' visit the magnificent Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.  The strip is something everyone should experience, but if you're visiting Vegas, you really should consider a trip to Red Rock Canyon.  The vistas are breathtaking.  See more...

Hoover Dam
February 29, 2004 - Mike and 'Bubbles'  visit Hoover Dam, engineering marvel. See more...

The Pit - Elder High School
November 1, 2003 - Voted by USA Today as one of the Top Ten places to watch a high school football game, 'The Pit' at Elder High School on the west side of Cincinnati. See more...

Tall Stacks 2003
October 19, 2003 - This panoramic of Tall Stacks was taken very early on Sunday morning before the sun came up. To the left is Maggie. She was the only one daring enough to get up with dad at 6:00 AM.

Tall Stacks 2003
October 19, 2003 - Cincinnati celebrated its river boat history with Tall Stacks 2003. This panoramic was taken from a bridge across the Ohio River.

Versailles State Park
October 11-12, 2003 - With the Fall in full bloom, St. Dominic's Cub Scout Pak #487 had a weekend campout at Versailles State Park near Versailles Indiana. Andrew, Ryan and Maggie had a good time with Dad, camping, hiking and fishing.

Old Neeb Pond
October 3, 2003 - With the start of Fall, Maggie and went for a long walk near the end of Neeb Road. Our walk continued past the College of Mount St. Joseph and the Mother House at the Sister's of Charity.

Delhi Park Soccer Field #3
August 23, 2003 - Soccer season has begun. The beginning of the regular season started on Saturday, August 23rd. We had three games back to back at Delhi Park.

Florida Vacation 2003
July 2-14, 2003 - The Welch family takes a long and restful vacation to Clearwater Beach Florida. Be sure to see the highlights in the photo gallery. We spent two weeks visiting various beaches, swimming in the condo pool and fishing off the dock. The panoramic photo above was taken at Fort DeSoto Park near St. Petersburgh. Its actually made from several photo stitched together.

ballpark_pano.JPG (44 k)
June 6, 2003 - This is a panoramic of Great American Ballpark taken from right field. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Reds Game 2003
June 6, 2003 - Katiebud Drive visits the Red's vs. Toronto Blue Jays. Thanks to Don Bisher for organizing this annual event. We had a great time despite of the weather. Click on the image to see a larger version.