Digital Photography

Mike Welch taking photographs at Red Rock Canyon

I'm a big fan of digital photography. My first digital camera was a Kodak DC 260. At the time, its 1.6 Mega Pixels made it one of the best consumer cameras available. That was 1998. A lot has changed since then.

My next camera was a Minolta dimage 7i. I loved this camera. In order to take advantage of all of its features, I had to learn about photography as well as the camera. The 7X Zoom really lets you get close to the action. At 5 megapixels, the resolution was fantastic. Most of the photographs on the this site prior to December 24th 2003 were taken with my Dimage 7i.

My next camera was the Canon Digital Rebel. This is my first step into the world of Digital SLRs. It was big step. Eventually, I learned enough to use the camera completely in manual mode.

I have since upgraded to the Canon 30d. It's a sweet camera. I love the large display and the speed. At 5 frames a second, I can keep up with the action! I hope you enjoy the photos on the site.

Another aspect of digital photography I enjoy is creating panoramic images. This process starts with a tripod and a digital camera. You rotate the camera through 360 degrees, taking 12-20 pictures. I use LivePicture Photovista to stitch these pictures into one seamless image.